PTS Pandemic

2020-present, CCB Belém, International Forest Art Path, National Museum of Natural History and Science, Lisbon Video, dress cotton with acrylic paint, cotton dress, with acrylic. g, 4m x 4m.

PTS Pandemic is my healing ritual, where I reimagine COVID-19 data from 77 countries. This marked my first public performance after the lockdown. My white dress displays COVID-19 development curves from 77 countries, sourced from Unlike sterile data graphs, I hand-painted the lines, symbolically infusing emotion. Alongside headlines and news snippets, the piece captures diverse aspects of the crisis and the political climate. My slow movement mirrors the ups and downs of the curve.

The installations that I build for Museums often include a performance. I love to create sculptures, video and augmented reality, social software features for larger museum productions, festivals, fairs, government buildings and private companies. Please request a custommade proposal for your space at

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