Hermes’ Mistress

(1994–2007: Exit Art,New York / Kunsthalle, Berlin / MOCA, Los Angeles / Bronx Museum, New York / Reina Sofia, Madrid / Frauenmuseum, Bonn / IAS, London / Spiral Wacoal Art Center, Tokyo / Kamp- nagel, Hamburg, UNESCO, Paris, Fondapol Paris, Chienku University Taiwan)

Hermes’ Mistress bridges technology and traditional handwork. In the middle of a huge, expansive red dress, I sat with my portable computer, embroidering a spiraling path of letter beads that detailed information collected from the Internet. Information is valued differently depending on who is pro- cessing it. In the beginning there was lots of space on my dress and the internet was rather limited, in the end, towards the center of my body the Internet was vast and the circles on my dress restricted.