EXPO 2000 / IFU (International Women's University)

Like a living balance scale Frank moved her hands holding yarns up and down according to the rise and fall of the stockmarket projected behind her.
Cathy Bird in Sculpture Magazine (cover): In this piece, Frank's durational performance (10 hours per day) in the window was a commitment to creating a meditative pole in the prevailing restlessness of our time. The window represents a threshold between outside and inside, creating privacy in public space and initiating dialogue between the artist and the public.
At the center of her performance are connections in both an analog and digital sense through projective exchange between her and the viewer. Real-time developments in the stock market were projected graphically from the virtual world of the Internet onto a cloth backdrop, while Frank followed this rising and falling of stocks in her own real time, sewing connections in red and green between their performance and her own. Strategies of decceleration and reduction were employed to give the viewer/perceiver a taste of silence within a tumultuous world of acceleration and economic performance. Investigating the interplay between ethereal and tangible reality, her work might be seen as a non-judging reaction of response-ability towards relevant issues of our time.